To adjust to the rigors of big city life (which we expect to be substantially different from the rigors of small town life in Rolla, USA), we relocated to Washington, DC for the summer of 2014.  Already, we’ve learned a lot about city life.  I parked the car three weeks ago, and we haven’t moved […]

How neat to be able to share small gifts between sons and fathers in the USA and Ghana. Here is my wonderful friend Martin with his son enjoying a Joe Miner stuffed toy. And my son Barney enjoying a new shirt. I’ve often referred to this as diaper diplomacy, and it highlights that relationships and […]

A tremendous honor and some wonderful new friends! Ghana has a wonderful local traditional of chiefs and village elders. And they also have some wonderful traditional clothing. I was honored to enjoy both traditions after we donated two ambulances to two local villages. In this picture, Dave and I are being honored along with Henry […]

Engineers, construction managers, accountants, and Priests have what in common? A love for neighbor that includes bringing healthcare improvements to villages in Western Ghana! Our team has enjoyed a successful visit over the past ten days. We’ve toured a dozen clinics and hospitals, and we’ve documented progress on the construction of a new community center […]

Today I had a great opportunity to briefly interview Father Henry Ussher to learn more about his ministry to the diocese here in Ghana.  What a wonderful story, and a great connection so that materials from the USA are once again being put to God’s good use here in Ghana.  Please check out:

Thank you! For hot water and indoor plumbing… Shower time! In travels, one of my guilty pleasures is a hot, indoor shower. Grateful for the little indulgences in life ; )

When I lead a trip to a developing country, I always start very conservative. I limit the area where my visitors can travel, I limit their initial interactions, I limit their exposure at the airport, hotel, etc for the first twenty four hours. My experience tells me that it’s best to just let the country […]